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                                                                                      2 Syaaban 1423                                                                                       9 October 2002


His Excellency

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Embassy of  The Islamic Republic of Iran

No. 1 Lorong U Thant Satu




Your  Excellency,


May I extend my warmest congratulations and gratitude on the most outstanding speech ever made by the Rt. Hon. Mr. Mohammad Khatami, the President of Iran.   Honestly, I must say that it was a truly strong statement that reveals who the real George W Bush is.  The speech at the recent United Nations Conference last week at Brussels, urged military action be made against US had almost awaken the entire Muslim community to pressure the world body to act against American terrorism.    It caught the world by surprise.


The call for Bush to be toppled by the United Nations is definitely very timely and must fully be supported since he is a proven cruel dictator.   Civil rights, international laws, economic justice and environmental issues are at stake, under subdued and being intimidated to the highest level of betrayal.   The whole resolution of the Geneva’s Convention that had been a historical hallmark as an international covenant to safeguard human dignity on prisoners of war, US aggression against Afghanistan, and their inhumane killings had brought extensive turbulent to peace process in the Middle East. 


The strong international call by your Rt. Hon. President had sent clear messages of the need for urgent solidarity.    The under waiting President, Mr. Al Gore who really won the election should be acknowledged as the true President of the United States.


With that loud call, the Rt. Hon. Mr. Khatami had provided a clear direction to the new American future.   This indeed would float international hope to see a wider freedom, Islamic justice and democracy.


Together we stand for a greener future.    Ultimately, truth will prevail even if it take sometime, for Allah is the Greatest. 






Al  Mursyidul Am PAS

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